Packaging & Crating

Packaging and Custom Crating

All shipments must be prepared or packaged to insure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling. Any article susceptible to damage by ordinary handling or as a result of any condition which may be encountered during air, sea or ground transportation must be adequately protected by proper packing and bear appropriate labels or markings.  All shipments of articles and commodities which are susceptible to leakage must be packed in solid, leak-proof boxes or inner containers such as heavy polyvinyl bags. Each piece must be legibly and durably marked with the name and address of the Shipper and Consignee. Airfreight with a weight in excess of the floor bearing capacity of available aircraft must be provided with a suitable skid or base which will distribute the weight of the pieces so as not to exceed such aircraft capacity. The weight of the Shipment must include the weight of the skid or base. Packing, marking and labeling of hazardous materials/dangerous goods must comply with the Dangerous Goods Regulations, issued by International air Transport Association (IATA). SGL offers full packing, packaging and custom crating capabilities to meet any of these needs. Our knowledgeable warehouse staff inspects each piece prior to consolidation to asses if the cargo has been properly prepared for their specific mode of transportation.

  • Corrugated Cartons – SGL offers a wide-range of corrugated containers to meet a variety of shipping needs. Corrugated cartons are an inexpensive alternative for those assets that don’t require the substantial protection that wood crating provides. Corrugated fiberboard is durable, lightweight and customizable to secure the safety and integrity of the materials they contain. Once packaged, fillers and dunnage such as brown paper, peanuts or bubble wrap are used to enhance the protection of the materials as well as taped, banded, strapped and palletized depending on the size and nature of the shipment. Hazardous Materials require specialized corrugated packaging (fibreboard materials) and are labeled and consolidated based on IATA or DOT regulations.
  • Custom Crating – SGL’s crating specialists evaluate and design crates based on a multitude of factors such as mode of transport, size, weight, value, etc. While some assets may only require standard materials to create a suitable crate, some heavier or over-sized items may require a sturdier material to transport safely. Most crates are built attached to a custom pallet for easier loading and items are secured within the crate using a variety of methods to include blocking and bracing, strapping and / or bolting. Construction of crates takes knowledge and accuracy. SGL crating specialists have extensive experience in the creation of crates that span a wide range of sizes and are built to withstand handling during all modes of transport.
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